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 +__Alternative webpage export__
 +The built-in web page export available in Visio is very powerful and has some very nice features. However, the output it produces can be very complicated and if it is to be incorporated into other web pages with manual editing then an alternative, simpler output may be useful.
 +Also, we've added a few features we find useful. Please be aware though that it is very easy to create Visio pages with names that are not very friendly for webpages i.e pages can contain '?', '<', '>' and so forth as well as names containing unicode characters. This utility does not cope at all well with names like this.
 +**Save File Path**
 +The folder for all output files. use the yellow 'change folder' dialog box to change this path (you can also create new folders here).
 +**Include HTML Head File**
 +Include the contents of this file before the HTML </head> tag.
 +**Include Header File**
 +Include the contents of this file before the images.
 +**Include Footer File**
 +Include the contents of this file after all the images.
 +**File Type**
 +Choose one of htm, html or php.
 +**Image Type**
 +Choose one of GIF, JPG, PNG or SVG.
 +SVG requires that you have an SVG plug-in installed in your browser.
 +**Page Output**
 +One web page per Visio page or the whole lot in one file.
 +Choose the type of output required.
 +**Use Tables**
 +Whether to use a table to locate the image files.
 +**Separator between images**
 +Adds a horizontal separator line between each image.
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