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Duplicate Page / Copy Page to other Document / Copy Current Page as New Document

This will copy everything* in and on the current page and copy it to:

  • a new page in the current document (i.e. duplicate page)
  • copy the page into another document (this must be another document opened in Visio)
  • or copy it into a brand new document

Visio decides on the name of the new page; you may want to rename it. There are potential problems with copying a whole page:

  • Other add-ons may have an effect on pages being created and shapes being dropped on a page which may interfere with the operation of this add-on.

However, in most cases this feature will make a complete copy of a page. Please let us know of any special problems that you find with this.

Duplicate page asks how many duplicates should be made using a dialog similar to “Add new pages” below. Once you've copied a page to another or a new document you can then duplicate it by Duplicate Page.

N.B. Page Annotations are not copied on purpose as these are normally used to indicate that a page has been commented or reviewed by other people.

Copy and merge limitations

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