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Create Stencil Illustration

As a vendor of a large number of Visio stencils I have a frequent need to create screen shots of one or more stencils for use on web pages, help files and instruction manuals. Until now I'd have to fire up the appropriate version of Visio, ensure the stencils were easily available to Visio, start my graphics software, load a stencil, adjust its size, do a screen dump, load it into the graphics editor, crop the image to just the stencil area, then save it. Now repeat for 50 stencils!. And how do you cope with a stencil containing 100 shapes so some are off the bottom of the screen? What a kerfuffle!

This little utility will fix that, just load up the stencils you want to create illustrations for, start this utility from the menu, choose which stencil (or all open stencils), select which version of Visio and the style of illustration and press OK. The page name will get changed to reflect the stencil name so when you want to save all the pages as images the images will have suitable names (see menu Super Utilities → Page → Export Pages as Images).

You can have your illustrations done in just minutes!

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