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 +__Rename Pages__
 +Renaming a large number of pages can be a long job. If all the pages need to be renamed sequentially then use this utility.
 +The example dialog will rename all the pages in the current document as "​page-42",​ "​page-43",​ "​page-44"​ etc. The start text is always used as the first part of the new name and the end text is always placed at the end (seem logical?) - either or both may be left blank. The Page number auto-increments for each page from the starting point that you define, empty is taken to be 0. However, if the page number is negative then the page number will auto-decrement i.e. your pages will be renamed "​page-42",​ "​page-41",​ "​page-40"​ etc.
 +The page renaming can be undone in one unit using the Edit -> Undo menu.
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