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Copy, Paste and Delete Shapedata

You can use this utility to copy shapedata from one shape (or master), or sub-shape to another or a page. Just select the shape from which you want to copy and use the SuperUtils → Shape → Copy → Shapedata menu, then select the shape or shapes to which you wish to copy these properties and use the SuperUtils → Shape → Paste → Shapedata menu. Or you can paste the shapedata to a page with the SuperUtils → Page → Paste → Shapedata menu. Once a set of shapedata has been copied they can be used to paste many times to as many shapes or pages as you want.

You can even paste multiple times to the same shape but Visio will allocate a new name to any duplicate row as a shape cannot have two rows with the same name.

The properties are not stored in the regular copy/paste buffer so you can use normal copy and paste operations without overwriting any stored shapedata.

You can also delete the shapedata from one or more shapes (or masters) using the SuperUtils → Shape → Delete → Shapedata menu.

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