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Shape Nudge

You might want to move a shape or selection of shapes by a small or a defined distance, this utility will move the selected shape or shapes by the user-defined distance and units. No range checking is done so if you move a shape 100000 yards or meters and it goes way off screen then just move it back in the opposite direction (or use the Edit → Undo menu).

The dialog box can be moved anywhere on your screen to keep it out of the way of the shapes that you are moving, also you can use other features of Visio without having to close the Nudge window.

Units can be selected in (metric) mm, cm, m and (imperial) in, ft and yd.

To help maintain connectors between shapes select the “Ignore connectors” box. Nudge will ignore these shapes but they will then move together with the shapes they are connected to.

A shape nudge action can be undone as one unit by using the Undo menu (or Control-Z) and the direction of the nudges are identified within the undo options.

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