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Stencil Display

Back in the days of Visio 2000 there was a useful feature for showing a graphical display of all the shapes in a stencil. For some reason this has been discontinued. Never mind, I've written an alternative version. This can display the shapes in one stencil or for all the open stencils. Use Visio to open the stencil and choose Stencil Display from the menu SuperUtils → Stencil → Stencil Display, select the stencil you want to show (or scroll to the end of the list to select “All open stencils”), on a standard portrait format page 3 by 5 images should be OK, if you want more or fewer images per page then adjust these numbers. For your further convenience the page name is set to be the same as the stencil name, and if more than one page is required for each stencil then 2, 3, 4 etc gets added to any extra pages. Please note that some Visio shapes cannot be displayed properly:

  • Backgrounds
  • Shapes that invoke an add-on
  • Shapes that calculate their size from another shape
  • Shapes that extend their geometry outside of their nominal dimensions.

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