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Stencil Report

When developing a stencil or Visio application, the Name and NameU of a master shape within a stencil can be very important, especially when the Name and NameU are expected to be identical.

Normally the NameU of a master shape can only be set when the master shape is created and this same NameU will be kept when a new shape is developed from an original or the shape is renamed.

For each shape within the currently openstencils this utility firstly lists the Name and NameU and then checks that the Name and NameU are identical, if not then the user is asked whether the NameU should be set to be identical to Name. Then the shape's prompt, hidden status, search keywords, copyright text and icon size all are output followed a check on whether the shape's icon is always updated whenever the master shape is edited. Finally, some shapes will be listed here but still not be visible within the stencil. These shapes can be custom line patterns, line ends and fill patterns.

The output from this utility can be saved to a text file using the “Save Text” button.

At the end of the report a summary is given of the total number of shapes with the number of stencils.

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